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Wednesday 29 January 2014, by Isabelle

Planning & Scheduling Innovations

D 5.1 Planning and scheduling tool for optimised maintenance
D 5.2 Tool in operation for demonstration of results WP 3&4

More information about these innovations:

Francois Ramond, Work package Leader: francois.ramond@sncf.fr

Frederico Grasso-Torro, Technical University of Braunschweig: grasso@via.ing.tu-bs.de

Maintenance innovations

Overview of Maintenance innovations
D4.1 Improvements analysis for high performance maintenance and modular infrastructure
D4.2 Optimised maintenance activities like, grinding, tamping and other maintenance processes
D2.2 Lean Analysis of Track Maintenance Process

Points of mutual interest:

Link & Effect Model , Maintenance Between train and Infrastructure scorecard: Christer Stenström (christer.stenstrom@ltu.se)

Capacity model: Stephen Mayowa Famurewa (stephen.famurewa@ltu.se)

LCC Model: Arne Nissen (arne.nissen@trafikverket.se)

Tamping: Burchard Ripke (burchard.ripke@bahn.com)

Grinding: Matthias Asplund (matthias.asplund@trafikverket.se)

S&C: Björn Lundwall (bjorn.lundwall@vn.vossloh.com)

Inspection Innovations

Inspection innovations overview

The deliverables referred to can be found below: